I like much of my creative expression to be relatively quick, a couple of hours or a day or two.  However, I also enjoy the longer process of mosaics, design, cutting, grouting and seeing it come alive when the beautiful tiles catch the light.

Title:  What lies beyond
This piece was inspired after my mum passed away by the ‘Water Bugs and Dragonflies’ story by by Doris Stickney which was used to explain death to children.  The story became very important to my mum in her final months, and I thought this would be a lovely tribute to her.  I made it as a table top, but was so pleased with the result it is hanging on a wall instead.

Title: Glory falling
This is a theme I return to repeatedly, God’s glory falling on a city and it’s people.

Title:  Hovering, Gen1
This was one of my first mosaic pieces.