When the UK first went into lockdown back in March 2020, all around me people were being creative, and initially I felt unable to express myself at all! 

This was one of the most difficult times for so many people dealing with issues of illness, grief, isolation, uncertainty and confusion.

In the midst of this unprecedented time in our history, I found grappling with some of these issues, released a fresh expression of creativity within me, resulting in a very productive time.   During this time I organised an online exhibition for 50 artists in response to the COVID pandemic and I personally created dozens pieces of artwork – unheard of in my life before!

I have always thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated art and sculpture and sought to express myself creatively over many decades, through different art mediums with varying levels of skill, frustration and impact.  Like many creative people I can struggle with comparing myself to others, usually in a negative way and wouldn’t have ever dreamed of referring to myself as an ‘artist’.  

However, it struck me during that time that many gifted artists never made much or any money during their lives and yet their work affected many people around the world.  I would not presume to put my work with this esteemed category of artists, and yet…

I create work, that is my way of expressing what’s important to me, as I explore this exciting and sometimes painful adventure we call life.  My hope, and my prayer, is that something you find on this website, will bless you in some way.  Please feel free to download anything that you like, but please credit me if you share it, or reproduce it in any way.

Many, many people have encouraged me on my journey.  Some are family and friends I have known for decades, others have been just a moment in time, but to everyone who has had an impact on my life, large or small – I thank you so much.  But to the One whose influence has been the greatest and most profound, thanks just don’t cut it, I owe you everything and I love you the most and this website is one of my gifts back to you. 

I mentioned earlier about an online exhibition, I have the priviledge to be the founder of the CHAIYA ART AWARDS, the UK’s largest biennial art awards exploring spirituality through the visual arts, with a top prize of £10,000.  This is open to people of all faiths and none and everyone imbetween.   If you are interested in finding out more – do visit the website at https://chaiyaartawards.co.uk.

Blessings, Katrina 

At wonderful park ‘Sculpture by the Lakes’ nr Dorchester

At fabulous Antony Gormley exhibition at Royal Acadmey of Arts in 2019

Street Mural in Cornwall